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Leisure Activities

This Website, Computers, Dining Out, Music, Photography, Strategy Games, Surfing the Web, Television, Videos/DVDs and Collecting Gay Theme Movies. As an Aussie I love my sports of course. As a Sports Trainer, which is like a medic, Injury Treatment & Management but also instructed in Weight Training. Although it has been sometime I still have a strong interest in Sports Medicine. My many other interests including Psychology, Philosophy, Writing and am also an active Naturalist (Nudist), really enjoy the freedom of nakedness. Mostly restricted to at home, I do enjoy the nudist beach when can get there. Have a couple of friends who enjoy coming over to get naked to chat and watch DVD's on rare occasions these days.

The Arts & Culture

My Interest in The Arts & Culture is rather varied. I have always had an interest in Photography, having actively participated but way before digital, it was the revolutionaries took away the fun of actively processing film and printing pictures in a darkroom. But my interest in The Arts incorporate not just Photography, Drawing & Painting but also Words, Music, even Dance & Sport as forms of Artistic Expression I find fascinating.

Music: Artists & Groups

My interest in music isn't wide, I may follow some Artists & Groups more closely than others. For the most part I believe all Artists & Groups have their good & bad songs & music. My particular interest extends from Classical to Modern, I find groups and songs I didn't like growing up with I enjoy most today. Anyway you will find my music list is quite extensive in different genres.

Television & Movies

Collecting Gay Theme, Social Issue & Coming of Age Movies. I am also into Sci-fi which mostly includes Star Trek both movies & television but also like Star Wars but seems a little fake to me ha-ha, just kidding. Television series such as Charmed, QAF, Ghost Whisperer have grabbed my interest heaps. Movie favourites include Martial Arts, Action & Romance Comedy.

Political Views (Progressive)
LGBTi Freedom of choice to Marry
Gay Rights
Separation of Church & State

English - Love to try and learn new languages, not very good at it but keep trying. In 2005 completed an "Online Diploma" in T.E.F.L. For those unaware of what that means, T.E.F.L. stands for, Teaching English as a Foreign Language. A scanned copy of the Diploma is below.

Religious Views

I am not religious myself but respect other people's belief's. I would consider myself skeptical enough to be Atheist but open minded enough to be Spiritual. Sounds like a contradiction I know. It is sad there are people and groups out there ready to use Religion an excuse for repression and violence with some using Religion as a means to control to victimize those who do not meet their outdated ideologies.

I am appalled at what happen to the Jewish people in World War II but how long can that justify them being a victim, it is time that we all move on looking towards the future and not remain in the past. Remember Gay's were also persecuted and murdered during that war and in many countries today, are still murdered and persecuted on religious grounds. We are all equals and it is about time Religion stops persecuting those who are different because of sexuality, gender and on a racial cultural basis.

Sports Medicine

Formally a Sports Trainer stopping in 1999. A Sports Trainer is generally like a medic, Injury Treatment/Management which also included Massage and for me also included Weight Instruction. Starting during pre-season training 1991, after completing the training course in July 1991 where I took over as Sports Trainer for C & D grade of Payneham Football Club.

I still hold an interest in Sports Medicine, Psychology and many other facets within Sports Medicine. I like to think I have a good general knowledge, but life means no-one never stops learning. Although my experience is with Australia Rules Football, I have dealt with players from other sports.

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