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Full Name
Rhys Christian Fletcher
15 Dec 1989
 Eye Colour
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190cm (6' 3")
72kg (157lbs)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Work | Study
Fugster welcomes everyone to the

I came across Rhys through CAM 4 Website quite some time now and was welcomed with open arms and kindness. Since then Rhys has created his own community where everyone is welcome and the committee grows quickly so hope this Fan Club site helps you to know Rhys much better. I had the pleasure to sit down and interview Rhys on the 27th of August, 2009 to ask questions that I am sure many of his friends and admirers would like to know. When Rhys was online it is often fast pace and hard for him to answer all that everyone wants to know, so I hope this helps answer some or all of your questions.


Interview Date: August 2009

Howsit goin' all. I am happy to introduce Rhys "SunshineSurf" F. Oppsy almost said his last name. Sorry people that's a secret unless he knows you and tells you himself. Anyway Welcome Rhys

Rhys: G'day everyone

Fugster: How did you come across the Cam 4 website and when did you join?

Rhys: Yeah I saw it was a live porn site ha-ha. But yeah, it got boring in the first 5 minutes. I decided to broadcast myself for the first time basically shitting myself since I'm a shy guy but yeah I got the hold of it quickly and I won't lie layers came off but never have shown my willy.

Fugster: It is firmly believed, Cam 4 is a voyeuristic sex site. Did you see Cam 4 that way and what did you expect to get from Cam 4?

Rhys: I started on cam4 some months ago honestly due to a link on a porn site ha-ha DON'T JUDGE ME ha-ha. And yeah I was initially really shy, but not much has changed, but I met some really awesome Genuine guys and gals who have certainly stopped me from being a slutty cam whore, though I don't think I was going in that direction anyways lol

Fugster: What made you use the name "sunshinesurf" as your Cam 4 name? Does it have any specific meaning?

Rhys: My username has no specific meaning really, it just is a combination of where I live, my internet name, and I just love surfing. So, sunshinesurf seemed to be the best name to use.

Fugster: I am sure your friends have a nickname for you, am sure your fan base would be interested to know what it is.

Rhys: Yeah I have quite a few, Gumby cus I'm a klutz, lofty cus I'm tall, they assume I have a big cock so they call me MC hammer stuff like that.

Fugster: How many siblings do you have?

Rhys: Older brother and older sister

Fugster: So you're the baby in the family ha-ha

Rhys: Yeh ha-ha

Fugster: Are you left handed or right handed? What do you consider your best feature?

Rhys: Right handed

Fugster: Do you live alone, with Family, friends?

Rhys: I live with 3 girls

Fugster: Do you work, study, or both?

Rhys: Studying Health & Education at USC

Fugster: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Rhys: I'd like to be a Full time Physical education teacher also art and biology, like the idea of being a part time fire-fighter. Being financially stable, live a happy life with a girl or guy hopefully with a kid someday.

Fugster: Do you play computer games? What was the last game you played?

Rhys: Umm yeah I don't play them as much as I used to lol, Counter strike Source.

Fugster: Do you play any sports, have any hobbies?

Rhys: Play basketball, soccer and trained for 9 years in GKR Martial arts and still train. Like drawing, playing guitar, piano, love surfing and working out.

Fugster: If you could change anything from your life, what would it be?

Rhys: I'm really not sure what I'd change that's a hard one. I just miss being a kid, living care free life

Fugster: Are you gay, bi or just curious?

Rhys: I consider myself bi-curious guy and am taking it very slow getting comfortable with the same sex kinda thing. When I find a genuine guy and I can develop feelings for him then I know what I am feeling know isn't just a "phase" which is bullshit, they aren't me :).

Fugster: What are your stats, age, height and weight?

Rhys: I'm a Sagittarian, am 19, turn 20 this year, getting old hey ha-ha. I'm 190cm tall (6'3”) and weigh about 72kg (157lbs)

Fugster: Do you currently have a girlfriend? Have you ever been with a guy?

Rhys: I've had 2 gf's but I'd like to discover my orientation before I go or commit to someone, male or female. I’m a guy virgin but not in a hurry to change that, least not until I meet the right guy.


(Fugster closes his eyes thinking wish it was me)

Fugster: When admiring a girl in the street, what is the first thing you look at?

Rhys: Girl would be her smile if I can catch it lol. But her legs work well too

Fugster: How about with a guy, what is the first thing you look at?

Rhys: With a guy, would be his smile and his body, specifically the torso in general, chest and abdominal area.


(Fugster inhales deeply pushing out his chest, sucking in his stomach)

Fugster: Okay let us say a couple walk toward and past you sitting at a bus stop.  Which one do you admire first, the male or female?

Rhys: Probably the guy if he was wearing a singlet I'm gay for singlet's, but a girl if she was wearing short shorts and her legs where visible lol. However, out of those two I'd have to say guy because I'm curious.

Fugster: If you could meet any famous from the past or present, who would it be?

Rhys: Well have just met you but would love to meet Jimmi Hendrix, Nelson Mandela, Ellen DeGeneres ha-ha she's so funny, Led zeppelin, Al gore, David Attenborough, Lady gaga, Megon Fox

Fugster: If you could pick any movie star to go out to dinner, with whom would they be (male & female)?

Rhys: Megan Fox and Jake Gyllenhaal

Fugster: What style of music do you like?

Rhys: Classics, Rock, RnB, Pop Anything with a good beat

Fugster: Have you ever been to a live concert & who was it you saw?

Rhys: I've been to Metallica, Lady gaga, Pussycat dolls, A perfect circle, Pearl jam, Queens of the stone age.

Fugster: What types of movies and television programs you enjoy?

Rhys: I like Horror and thrillers the most, Also Asian oriented movies like house of flying daggers etc. TV Don't really watch enough of it lol.

Fugster: If you won millions on the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?

Rhys: First, I would set my Family up, Mortgages etc., make them financially stable to retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. Then I'd buy a house and commodities. If anyone has seen the secret millionaire, I'd love to do that and help people who really are in need. Also, set up Conservation for Australian animals Fund.

Fugster: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you?

Rhys: Not sure, about the second one ha-ha. I'm more of a klutz so I generally laugh at my own mistakes a lot

Fugster: What do you consider your best feature?

Rhys: I'm not sure, eyes? That is something only others can answer I guess

Fugster: Apart from those in Cam 4, are you out to family and friends?

Rhys: Yeah they all know

Fugster: Have you ever had oral sex?

Rhys: Yes

Fugster: Do you have any tattoos and/or piercings?

Rhys: I have no tattoos but have a piercing in my eyebrow.

Fugster: If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be & where?

Rhys: I would want my own design, put across shoulders

Fugster: Now for the questions I am sure many of us droolingly curious fan's want to know about you, do you have a Prince Albert piercing?

Rhys: Ha-ha no, I don't that is just a rumour, lol


(wonder who started that rumour *winks*)

Fugster: Have you been to a gay bar/nightclub?

Rhys: I've been to one, in Brisbane. Found it very uncomfortable to be honest and got kicked out because I punched a guy who tried to touch me while I was in the bathroom.

Fugster: How about a gay sauna? Have you ever been to one?

Rhys: I've never ever heard of one before lol, but if it's a sauna full of gay men going at it, I'd have to be fully confident with my sexuality lol. However, if it is not a gay sauna full of men I just made a fool of myself ha-ha. Well I know where to go if I want to pamper myself and get a lil somethin, ha-ha I kid xD

Fugster: Have you ever been to a nudist beach and if not would you?

Rhys: Yeah, I have stumbled across one when hiking lol, but I would definitely like, it is amazing I think.

Fugster: What kind of underwear do you wear? Boxers, Briefs or go Commando?

Rhys: Briefs

Fugster: How big is your cock, is it cut or uncut? Do you consider yourself, top or bottom?



(Rhys stands up, pulls down his boardies and briefs)


Sorry People due to medical reasons, the interview ended at this point.

It is hoped I will recover enough to continue soon. Thank You for your patience's


Sorry for the delay, so where were we?
Fugster: How big is your cock, is it cut or uncut? Do you consider yourself, top or bottom?
Rhys: I am large and cut. I was uncut until the age of about 14, nothing religious or spiritual about it just something general among my family. As for top or bottom, would have to say I am a top, exit only ha-ha.
Fugster: At what age did you lose your virginity?
Rhys: 15 years old
Fugster: Have you ever had sex in a public place and ever had group sex?
Rhys: No and No to sex in public and even if given the opportunity for group sex. I'm a one guy/girl kinda guy, I just don't see any essence in hook ups/one nightstands. More of a consensual, monogamous relationship type of person.
Fugster: Do you like to watch porn? What name and type was the last one you watched?
Rhys:  Yes I watch porn, not sure the name it was but the last one I watched was straight porn.
Fugster: How often do you masturbate? What is your favourite sexual position? What gets you off fastest?
Rhys:  I masturbate a couple times a week, favourite sexual position, would have to say all of them. Have to say intercourse gets me off fastest.
Fugster: Have you ever been caught playing with yourself?
Rhys:  Ha-ha-ha, actually, my mum kinda caught me but I hid it quickly, I'm sure she knows what I was doing lol. Also my housemates walk in on me getting changed but I really don't care their 3 girls.
Fugster: Do you have any naked pictures of yourself? Would you ever do naked modelling for a gay male / female magazine? How much would it take before you would consider doing that sort of modelling?
Rhys:  No I don't have any naked pictures, ha-ha, sorry guyz. I would be flattered to be asked to do that sort of modelling. First, I'd have to be completely gay or very confident with my sexual orientation. As long as the magazine is tastefully done like playboy then sure, I'd consider it. I think if the right offer was their, not so much money and no not sexual favours ha-ha. Like if it came with a spread which entailed my story and coming out, the prospect of helping others guys and girls to come out would be a great reward.
Fugster: Well Rhys that is the end of the interview, hope was not too embarrassing for you. I am sure the readers in your fan club learned a lot more about you.
Rhys: Yeah they sure did ha-ha; it's been a lot of fun Fugster. Thank you for going out of your way to put this together, you're an amazing fella. I hope everyone enjoyed this tiny insight into my life it wasn't as embarrassing as I thought. Cheers.