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How does it work

How does it work? (Please read before starting)

This questionnaire is used in real psychological research. It measures what many psychologists consider to be the five fundamental dimensions of personality. There are no foreseeable risks to you from taking this questionnaire, the results of which are free, however if you are easily offended then it is recommended that you do not answer this questionnaire. Alternatively, if you answer it but are then offended, then you should remove the results from your Personality Profile.

By providing you with your five trait scores, this questionnaire gives you a structured and organised way to describe your personality. This offers you a framework to understand yourself, to understand other people, to make comparisons, to consider the advantages and disadvantages of your personality, and to consider how your personality will impact upon your work and social lives. Since you are describing yourself, you should not expect this questionnaire to magically tell you things about yourself that you do not already know, as that simply is not how professional personality questionnaires work. It is also acceptable for you to disagree with the questionnaire's interpretation of your results, although you should also question why the questionnaire described you in a way that you disagree with.

To receive the most accurate results, you should complete the questionnaire in a quiet environment. You should specifically avoid taking the questionnaire while others are watching your responses.

myPersonality may use your personality trait scores for research in an anonymous manner such that it cannot be traced back to you. You can withdraw your consent for your information to be used in this way at any time by resetting your personality profile, at which point your information will be deleted.

16 Personality Types

16 Personality Types

There are 16 distinct personality types, each belonging to one of four temperaments.
Protectors (SJ) Creators (SP) Intellectuals (NT) Visionaries (NF)
* ESTJ - Overseer
* ESFJ - Supporter
* ISTJ - Examiner
* ISFJ - Defender
* ESTP - Persuader
* ESFP - Entertainer
* ISTP - Craftsman
* ISFP - Artist
* ENTJ - Chief
* ENTP - Originator
* INTJ - Strategist
* INTP - Engineer
* ENFJ - Mentor
* ENFP - Advocate
* INFJ - Confidant
* INFP - Dreamer