My Photography

I had done photography for many years, starting in my first year at Thorndon High School. This was long before the development of Digital Photography. (Oops Showing my age here) While at school in year 11 I did work experience where I was able to work at two photographic businesses. One was a processing laboratory where they developed printed films and photographs. It was an interesting experience where they did work for supermarkets and other photographic stores. My 2nd work experience placement was at Lenman Connell Commercial Photography where their focus was taking photographs, processing and printing for commercial purposes. One of the jobs was photographing Tom Pretty, former motor cycle racer and it was an interesting experience. After that was no other places could do work experience except within the school photography room, where I assisted in the school magazine.

I continue photography after leaving school and although I liked taking photo's my main passion was in the developmental stages of films and developing photographs.  After leaving school, I tried for about 18 months to get work in photography, tried doing more at Elizabeth TAFE but the course which was for 4 years was rather expensive and that was if I even qualified. The class introduction which went for about 2 months and quite a distance from home, especially without a car. I have not done darkroom processing for many years now as the costs involved in setting up became too costly. Recently I purchased a negative scanner, so now in the process of converting my thousands of negatives from school and after until I got a digital camera. One day I hope to get a SLR (single lens reflex) digital camera, right now I have a Lumix camera. It takes good photo's but the point and shoot type cameras do take some of the fun out of photography, but guess it does the job LOL.

Anyway I hope you like some of my pictures on this page and I hope to add more once I have scanned more negatives.