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Bear Men of Adelaide
Subject to Changing Locations Please Check Events Calendar
The Brunswick Hotel
Pub Night
1st Friday of Month
Den Night
3rd Friday of Month
207 Gilbert Street,
Adelaide SA 5000, Australia

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The Mars Bar is not only Adelaide's only GLBTi Nightclub and it's an Adelaide icon! Of course it is not exclusive to the GLBTi Community all are welcome to join in the fun.

It has been operating continuously in the same location on Gouger St since around 1977 (under a variety of names including "The Cactus Patch" and "Park Avenue at Chix Restaurant"), making it an amazing 36 years old. This almost certainly makes it the longest operating club bar none in Adelaide.

Around 2am on Fridays and Saturdays the crowd is treated to a floor show which is immensely popular. If you're a cabaret fan then find a spot early to get the best view. A series of drag queens attended by dancing male acolytes puts on a stunning display in colourful costume - not to be missed.

After the show has finished, Rochelle comes out for a chat with the audience. Not a good time to be in the front row! Her acid tongue and quick wit has brought blushes to many grown men. The outrageous competitions require audience members to do things which they almost certainly will regret (within hours, if not days).

9:00pm - Late
(08) 8231 9639
9:00pm - Late
9:00pm - Late
120 Gouger Street, Adelaide
9:00pm - Late
(Except Long Weekends & Events)
* *Prices subject to change without notice**

Pulteney 431
Opening Hours
431 Pulteney Street, Adelaide (08) 8233 7506
A SECURED Gay/Bi Male Sauna
The entrance is very discreet, with only the street number showing outside.

Sauna, Spa & Steam Room
Inground Pool
TV Lounge with Pool Table
Snack Bar with Large Screen
Dark Mazes & Spaces
Private Resting Areas
 Mon & Tues
12 pm - 1 am
Wed, Thurs & Sun
12 pm - 1 am
Yearly Membership
(Initial Fee - membership + visit)
Fri & Sat
12 pm - 3 am
$31.50 ($15.00+$16.50)
Last 2 Hours
(before closing times)
$12.00 Members
 Normal Entry
Concession Card
(except student)
Every 10th Visit
FREE entry for members
Gym Members
(any gym memberships)
Tuesday Buddies
Last 2 Hours
(before closing times)
**Prices subject to change without notice**

Maslin "Nudist" Beach
Maslin Beach is a small coastal
Maslin Beach is a small coastal suburb in the south of Adelaide, South Australia. The small suburb is about 30 minutes. approximately 35 km (22 mi) from the City of Adelaide. Maslin Beach lies within the City of Onkaparinga local government area, and neighbours with the suburbs Moana, McLaren Vale and Port Willunga. In 1975, the southern half of the beach was declared Australia's first official nude beach. Maslin Beach offers a stunning coastal line approximately 3kms (1.9 mi) long. Beautiful scenery including rich, multi-coloured cliffs.

Maslin Beach is reached by Main South Road and is also serviced by Public Transport. If going by public transport I have found taking a train from Adelaide to Colonnades, Noarlunga Centre followed by bus to Maslin Beach main car park. There are 2 car parks, the main car park and a car park at the top of the cliffs. Midway between the beach and the top car is a shower and toilet area.

Annually until 2007, the community held the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics. Known worldwide, this fun filled event includes informal competitions such as the best bum competition, 3 legged races and more. This was a widely respected event within the community and worldwide. Footage of the days events was often filmed and quite often has enquiries from overseas television stations. I am unaware of why the event was finally cancelled but commonly thought that insuring the event became too costly. There was an effort to organise the event again for 2010 but sadly did not eventuate.

With new sponsorship, Maslin Beach Nude Olympics was held on the 20th of January, 2013. Approximately 300 people of all shapes and sizes turned up to enjoy a day in the sun and nude to compete. If anyone is interest, In 1997 a movie named "Maslin Beach" was released. It is about a couple dissatisfied with their relationship discover true love one afternoon on a nude beach.

Beachport Nudist Beach
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The imaginatively-named Beachport Beach, midway between the towns of Beachport and Robe, about 350 kilometres south-east of Adelaide. It's a large beach, with huge sand dunes, an offshore reef that offers some protection from Southern Ocean waves, and the occasional treacherous current. To get to the part of it where nude bathing is legal, head to Sunland Holiday Village (which offers nudist camping, by the way) then take a walk over the dunes to a five hundred metre stretch of nude beach. Swimming there is reasonably safe and, so long as you stay out of the way of unprotected swimmers, there's some good fishing as well.

Sunland Holiday Village