The “Fugster’s Friends Fraternities” concept is a simple one. It’s to bring my friends together in friendship. My friends are very special to me and for me are like my family, both internet and local friends. Currently there are many different Fraternity’s set up and my hope is too eventually bring them all together within one main group. So which ever Fraternity you maybe in please introduce yourself to others. I do not like to make rules so I hope I will never have to delete or ban any of my family, so please try and get along for me ha-ha. Anyway thanks for joining my "Fugster's Friends Fraternities" and especially for your friendship, without it my life would have no meaning. Listed below is the links to current Fraternities and if you’re a member of any of the sites, join the Fraternities there. Love you all, with big HUGS
Please Note: Firstly and Importantly these are not a GAY groups and there are some people who are STRAIGHT. Please be aware of this and treat all friends with respect, exactly as you would like to be treated.